About Me

In 1987 we migrated from Stuttgart to beautiful Tuscany and created a little paradise in the last two decades.
My wife is heavily into breeding horse and I can pursue my vocation as a craftsman.
We also offer rooms to tourists.
For more information about American Quarter Horse breeding and the Azienda can be found here:



I simply love wood. Even before my formal training as a woodworking in Germany was I impressed by solid wood. Working with solid wood takes much experience and attention to detail.
It all starts with the purchase of wood. In the old days, a father had harvested timber for the son to meet the natural drying times.
Then there is the selection of individual boards and planks, for wood is alive and continues to change.
So the woodworker needs "tame" the wood using traditional joinery, requiring a lot of manual labor and routine.
I try to stay away from unnecessary environmental toxins, using strictly biological products for indoor surface treatment. Old finishing techniques such as burning and brushing live on in my workshop.
Choose any wood type, although I personally prefer European wood.